Just imagine…

A recently divorced mother facing compromised credit while balancing childcare costs with employment.
A man for whom an injury leads to painkiller addiction and the loss of his job.
A person with a criminal record who has no reliable transportation to get to the few opportunities available to them.
Often, when a person does not have a job, it’s not for lack of trying. But by having partnerships with area businesses and job connection professionals, we help people apply existing skills and acquire new ones in order to gain employment.

Cincinnati Works Member receives professional coaching designed to help make employment easier to find, keep, and succeed at.

Our L & D Manager position is  responsible for designing, facilitating and assessing curriculum to assist Members throughout each stage of the job search process.


After viewing these videos, please let me know if you would like to move forward with exploring the job opportunity for a Member – Adult Learning & Development Manager position.

Key Responsibilities    

·       Use instructional design methodologies to design and develop training programs that incorporate formal, informal, social, video and assessment vehicles that are aligned with CW strategic goals and outcomes.

·       Ensure all Cincinnati Works Member Education trainings are relevant and utilize adult education principles.

·       Work with Director of Learning and Development to establish/refine a comprehensive curriculum for Member Education across the job readiness to advancement lifecycle.

·       Facilitate all job readiness, career advancement, digital literacy and professional development training for CW Members.

·       Incorporate communication strategies of active listening and asking powerful questions  to guide Members to learning objectives.

·       Monitor, evaluate and periodically report on effectiveness, success, and ROI of Member training programs.

·       Conduct in-house and offsite activities such as presentations, job simulations, and role-playing exercises.

·       Assess and measure the results of Member training programs.

·       Establish and ensure adherence to training design and branding standards.

·       Develop various customer satisfaction feedback gathering methods and set benchmarks based on feedback.

Recruit, train and support a network of volunteers for the virtual programs to address the needs of various CW scheduled events as needed.


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